Entrepreneur & Consultant

“No matter what business we talk about,” says Mr. Spiegelman, real estate plays a pivotal role.” RE is always significant in a company’s decision about where to do business, he adds. Employees consider real estate in their decision to relocate. Economic growth is catalyzed by RE. Inner cities advance. Communities evolve. Recognizing that growth and prosperity is a team effort between disciplines, politics, economics and great people has helped Mr. Spiegelman maintain a successful 30-year-and-counting business partnership.

His employees are long-term and loyal. He has weathered, navigated and emerged stronger from ten significant economic downturns over the decades. He has opened, staffed and maintained ISG Real Estate offices across the globe. In the end, he credits his business success on three things: being massively curious, recognizing opportunity and, most importantly, nurturing and maintaining relationships.

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