In the real estate business, says Mr. Spiegelman, you learn more about global finance and the impact of government than any other business. “Right now,” he adds, “we are experiencing the beginning of a strong Chinese influence and interest in South Florida and everything that goes with it. It’s another wave to ride, including crests and troughs.”

Widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful and influential experts in the marketing and sales of luxury condominium project, Spiegelman is both prolific and influential. With his partner Craig Studnicky, he founded International Sales Group (ISG) in Miami nearly 30 years ago. Today ISG is globally preeminent as the leader in “Selling Miami to the World.”

In the RE industry since 1970, first as a developer and then as a leading authority in sales and marketing, Mr. Spiegelman was one of the pioneers who introduced the condominium concept to South Florida; he helped create housing for Mariel Boat Lift refugees; he opened all of South and Central America, among other countries, to the Miami Real Estate market; and today is at the forefront of the Chinese influx into Miami, South Florida and surrounding areas. And he is far from done.

Mr. Spiegelman holds a broker’s license and is a designated Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing (MIRM) by the National Association of Homebuilders.
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